Aku Soku Zan. Slay Evil Immediatly.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender, Never Accept Defeat.

Somebody call for an exterminator?

Personal Information
First Name//:Robert
Age//:25. (Quarter Life Crisis much?)
Nickname's//:Russian, Russian Rob, Spiteful Rob.
Hair Color//:Dark Brown/Light Black
Hair Style//:I try to keep it short.
Eye Color//:Hazel.
What is your favorite
Game//:Virtual On - Sega Saturn & Dreamcast. Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles - PSP
Song//:Too Many: Gundam Wing - American Ending Theme Song, Gundam SEED Destiny - Reason, Bleach - Asterik & UVERworld, Castlevania: Curse of Darkness - Abandoned Castle
Music Video//:Videoes for the Music listed above
Animal//:Wolf, Raven, Fox.
Sport//:Football & Swordplay
Country//:America. Duh.
Movie//:Char's Counterattack & Boondock Saints & James Bond movies
Food//:Buffalo Chicken

Top 10 Favorite Anime
1.) Gundam (Universal Century)
2.) Macross (Original, Plus, Zero, Frontier)
3.) Code Geass (Season 1 only)
4.) Fullmetal Alchemist & Brotherhood
5.) Cowboy Bebop
6.) Berserk
7.) Rurouni Kenshin
8.) Yu Yu Hakusho
9.) Trigun
10.) Outlaw Star

Roy Mustang is teh love smex

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"That Day! All female officers will be required to wear... TINY MINISKIRTS!" ~Roy Mustang.

by katmonkey

I am the
[Valkenhayn R. Hellsing]
of BlazBlue

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